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Kandydat  - recruitment agency and HR consulting firm

Over 1000 successfully placed specialists

Kandydat is your trusted partner in personnel recruitment. We pride ourselves on over 1000 successful placements who have found their perfect fit in leading companies. Entrust us with your business needs and let us create the perfect team for your success

Over 40
partners across Poland

Kandydat is your guide in the world of recruiting. We are proud to collaborate with over 40 leading companies across Poland, including giants like IKEA, Biedronka, and many others. We establish long-term partnerships based on trust and performance to support your business in achieving outstanding results

More than 20 recruiters and HR managers

Our team of recruiters and HR managers possess deep knowledge of the labor market and understand the specifics of each industry. We strive for an individual approach to each client, taking into account their unique needs and business goals



Kandydat is a leading personnel recruitment company in Poland. Our mission is to connect talented professionals with promising enterprises. With over 30 locations nationwide, including major brands like IKEA and Biedronka, we bridge the gap between candidates and employers.

Our experienced recruiters provide accurate and efficient solutions for various industries, including retail, manufacturing, and construction. We take pride in not only meeting companies' needs for outstanding employees but also supporting the career growth of those seeking their next professional opportunity. Together, we build teams capable of overcoming challenges and shaping a successful future.


"Collaborating with Kandydat has brought a fresh perspective to our company's personnel recruitment. Their team of recruiters demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and understanding of our needs. We are grateful for the quick and efficient candidate selection."

HR manager, Biedronka

Dora Bridges

Автомобильный завод

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Kandydat Sp.z o.o. - agencja rekrutacyjna i doradztwa personalnego
Kandydat Sp.z o.o. - agencja rekrutacyjna i doradztwa personalnego
Kandydat Sp.z o.o. - agencja rekrutacyjna i doradztwa personalnego
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agencja rekrutacyjna IKEA
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