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Kandydat provides assistance in personnel recruitment, offering highly qualified staff for retail stores, manufacturing, logistics, specialized services, and other industries. We are focused on quality and efficiency, providing solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Рецепт лекарства


We offer personnel recruitment services for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Трубы из нержавеющей стали


Our candidates possess the necessary skills to work with frameworks, pipes, and other materials in various fields, ensuring quality and safe completion of tasks.


We specialize in recruiting personnel for packaging and product packing. Our specialists ensure efficient packaging processes, strictly adhering to quality standards.


Hospitality, HoReCa

Kandydat provides recruitment of qualified specialists (waiters, chefs, housekeepers, etc.) in the hospitality and restaurant business.


Manual Labor

We specialize in recruiting qualified loaders and workers for physical labor. Our physical labor specialists are ready to efficiently perform tasks, meeting high standards of professionalism and safety.


Specialized Services

Kandydat provides a wide range of personnel recruitment services for various specialized industries. Our candidates, whether welders, bakers, or electricians, possess professional skills and experience, ensuring the successful operation of your business in any field.


Retail (cashier, salesperson)

Our personnel recruitment services for retail stores cover everything from experienced cashiers providing fast and friendly customer service to merchandisers capable of maximizing sales.


Warehousing, Logistics

Nasi rekruterzy oferują rekrutację personelu dla magazynów i firm logistycznych, w tym wykwalifikowanych specjalistów od logistyki, operatorów wózków widłowych i pracowników magazynu, zapewniając optymalną wydajność i organizację Państwa procesów logistycznych.


Manufacturing, carpentry

Kandydat provides expert services in recruiting qualified staff for manufacturing enterprises, including furniture factories, woodworking enterprises, and film and polyethylene production.


Cleaning companies

We specialize in recruiting highly qualified staff for cleaning companies. We guarantee that your cleaning needs will be met by professional and reliable personnel.

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We will develop personalized training for candidates who will work for you. Please leave your contact information, and we will get in touch with you.

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Our recruiters and HR managers have a high level of expertise in various industries, ensuring a deep understanding of the labor market and the unique requirements of each company.


We actively use advanced technologies and tools to optimize the personnel recruitment process,

allowing us to quickly and efficiently find

the best candidates.


Our team is focused on achieving end results. We prioritize effectiveness, ensuring that each recruitment leads to hiring outstanding professionals capable of making a significant contribution to your success.


We value the individuality of each client. Our approach to personnel recruitment is adapted to the unique

needs of your business, providing the exact

experience you expect.


Our goal is not only limited to finding employees. We aim to establish long-term strategic partnerships that contribute to various aspects of personnel

management in your business.


We offer transparent and flexible pricing for our services. Our prices are tailored to the needs of our clients, and we are ready to provide you with optimal solutions

that meet your budget.

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