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Kandydat supports you throughout the hiring process, providing highly qualified employees for retail, manufacturing, logistics, specialized services, and other industries. Our approach is based on quality and efficiency, ensuring solutions that meet the unique needs

of our clients.


Step 1

Application reception. Consultation

The first step in our collaboration is receiving your application and consultation. We discuss the specifics of your industry, unique job characteristics, and candidate requirements.

Step 2

Needs analysis. Strategy development

A professional analysis of your company's needs allows us to create a personalized personnel recruitment strategy. We identify key parameters for successful candidate search and selection.

Бизнес-партнеры на работе
Подписание контракта бумаги

Step 3

Contract signing

We enter into a contract that defines the terms of our collaboration, ensuring clarity and transparency in our relationship. This document also ensures understanding and successful achievement of set goals.

Step 4

Active candidate recruitment, interviews, candidate approval

We proceed to actively recruit candidates, conduct interviews, and provide you with the best options.


Step 5

Employment and employee adaptation

After selecting candidates, their employment becomes our priority. This stage includes not only formal employment procedures but also creating conditions for successful adaptation of new members of your team.

Step 6

Support and feedback

We maintain relationships, provide feedback, and ensure that your expectations and quality standards are met throughout our collaboration.

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How long does the recruitment process typically take from application to employment?

Answer: The recruitment time depends on the complexity of the vacancy, the current availability of candidates, and the volume of requested specialists. Typically, recruitment periods range from several weeks to a month.

What guarantees are provided in case of an unsuccessful candidate selection?
Answer: We provide replacement guarantees in case of failure within a certain period after employment. Before proceeding with the replacement, we conduct an analysis of the reasons for the failure, and if it is found to be our fault, we ensure the replacement of the employee.

What are the payment criteria for Kandydat's services?
Answer: Payment terms depend on the scope of work and the specific needs of the client. We offer flexible rates and an individual approach to each client. For more detailed information on the cost of our services, please contact the sales department. Our specialists will be ready to provide you with advice and offer optimal solutions.

What types of recruitment services does Kandydat provide?
Answer: We provide a full range of services, including active candidate recruitment, interviews, employment, and employee adaptation.

From which countries are candidates offered?
Answer: We offer candidates from Belarus and Poland.

If our industry is not listed among the proposed industries, does this mean that Kandydat does not work in this industry?
Answer: No, this does not mean that Kandydat does not work in this industry. Just contact us to discuss your needs, even if your industry is not listed on the website. Our sales specialists will be happy to provide you with the necessary consultation and detailed information.

Which industries does the company not work with?

Answer: Industries we do not work with: construction, production of meat/chicken/fish products, seasonal work (strawberry picking, etc.), e-commerce, education, hairdressers, drivers.

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